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Hildemar's Expositio Regulae

Chapter 1 - On the Four Kinds and the Life of Monks
Chapter 2 - What Kind of Person the Abbot Should Be
Chapter 3 - On Bringing the Brothers to Counsel
Chapter 4 - What are the Instruments of Good Works
Chapter 5 - Concerning the Obedience of Disciples
Chapter 6 - Restrain of Speech
Chapter 7 - Concerning Humility
Chapter 8 - Concerning the Divine Office at Night
Chapter 9 - How Many Psalms Should Be Said at the Night Offices
Chapter 10 - How the Night Office Should Be Done in Summertime
Chapter 11 - How the Night Office is Celebrated on Sundays
Chapter 12 - How the Solemnity of the Morning Office is Celebrated
Chapter 13 - How the Morning Office is Celebrated on Weekdays
Chapter 14 - How Vigils are Performed in the Feasts of Saints
Chapter 15 - At What Times the Alleluia Should Be Said
Chapter 16 - How the Work of God Is To Be Performed during the Day
Chapter 17 - How Many Psalms Are To Be Sung at these Hours
Chapter 18 - In What Order the Psalms Are To Be Said
Chapter 19 - On the Discipline of Singing the Psalms
Chapter 20 - On Reverence at Prayer
Chapter 21 - Concerning the Deans of the Monastery
Chapter 22 - How Monks Ought to Sleep, That Is, in What Manner Monks Ought to Sleep
Chapter 23 - On Excommunication for Faults
Chapter 24 - What the Extent of Excommunication Ought to Be
Chapter 25 - Concerning Serious Offences
Chapter 26 - Concerning Those Who, without the Mandate of the Abbot, Fraternise with the Excommunicated
Chapter 27 - How the Abbot Should Be Solicitous of Excommunicates
Chapter 28 - Concerning Those Who Have Refused to Amend after Repeated Corrections
Chapter 29 - If Brothers Who Have Left the Monastery Ought To Be Readmitted
Chapter 30 - How Younger Boys are to be Corrected
Chapter 31 - The Qualities of the Cellarer
Chapter 32 - On the Iron Tools of the Monastery
Chapter 33 - If a Monk Should Have Anything of His Own
Chapter 34 - If Everyone in the Monastery Ought to Receive Provisions Equally
Chapter 35 - On the Weekly Servers of the Kitchen
Chapter 36 - Sick Brothers
Chapter 37 - Old Monks and Children
  Chapter 38 - On the Weekly Reader
Chapter 39 - On the Measure of Foods
Chapter 40 - On the Measure of Drink
Chapter 41 - At What Hours the Meals Should Be Taken
Chapter 42 - Nobody Should Speak after Compline
Chapter 43 - On Those Who Hasten Late to the Work of God or to the Table
Chapter 44 - On Graver Faults
Chapter 45 - Concerning Those Who Err in the Oratory
Chapter 46 - On those Persons Who Commit Crimes in some Matters or Break Something
Chapter 47 - Signaling the Hour for the Work of God
Chapter 48 - On Daily Manual Work
Chapter 49 - On the Observation of Lent
Chapter 50 - Brothers Who Are on a Journey
Chapter 51 - Concerning Brothers Who Have Not Set Out Very Far
Chapter 52 - Concerning the Oratory of the Monastery
Chapter 53 - On the Reception of Guests
Chapter 54 - That a Monk in no Circumstances Should Accept Letters or Gifts
Chapter 55 - On the Brothers' Clothing and Shoes
Chapter 56 - On the Abbot's Table
Chapter 57 - The Craftsmen of the Monastery 
Chapter 58 - The Discipline of Receiving Brothers 
Chapter 59 - Concening the Sons of Nobles and the Poor in the Monastery 
Chapter 60 - Concerning Priests Who Wish to Live in the Monastery 
Chapter 61 - Concerning the Reception of Unknown Monks 
Chapter 62 - Concerning the Priests of the Monastery 
Chapter 63 - Concerning the Order of the Congregation 
Chapter 64 - The Appointment of the Abbot 
Chapter 65 - On the Prior of the Monastery 
Chapter 66 - On the Porter of the Monastery 
Chapter 67 - About Brothers on a Journey 
Chapter 68 - If Impossible Things Should be Assigned to a Brother 
Chapter 69 - That No One Should Presume to Defend Another  
Chapter 70 - Nobody Should Presume to Strike or Excommunicate at Random 
Chapter 71 - They Should Be Obedient to One Another 
Chapter 72 - On the Good Zeal that Monks Ought to Have 
Chapter 73 - Not Every Practice of Justice Is Set Out in the Rule 

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